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Internship Programs

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Welcome to UNSGND, where creativity meets innovation at the crossroads of design and technology. If you're a post-secondary student or a recent graduate looking to dive headfirst into the vibrant world of a tech startup design agency, you've just found your launchpad. With UNSGND, you're not just starting an internship; you're stepping into a realm of endless possibilities and career-defining moments.


Two Paths, One Destination:

Whether you're still navigating through your academic journey or you've recently tossed your graduation cap into the sky, we've tailored two unique streams to fit your current stage in life. Dive into an experience that aligns with your goals, and let's turn those ambitions into achievements.

For the Innovators: Co-Op Stream

Who It's For: Current students seeking a co-op placement through their educational institution.

Program Overview: Our Co-Op Stream is designed to be as flexible as your aspirations. Understanding that your school plays a significant role in defining the specifics, we offer a general intake form that adapts to various program lengths, structures, and detailed requirements set by your institution.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Duration: Varied, based on school partnership agreements.

  • Experience: Work on meaningful projects with real impact.

  • Mentorship: Be paired with an industry mentor who's as invested in your growth as you are.

  • Portfolio Development: Elevate your work with professional critiques and guidance.

  • Certification & References: Earn a certificate of completion and a glowing reference letter to kickstart your career.

Ready to Innovate?

For the Trailblazers:
Recent Grads Stream

Who It's For: Recent graduates eager to transition from academic theory to real-world application.

Program Overview: Kickstart your career with our Recent Grads Stream, a comprehensive pathway designed to bridge the gap between learning and doing.


Here's what the journey looks like:

  • Job Readiness Training: Begin with a paid 3-4 week intensive program with a third-party organization to sharpen your skills and prepare for the industry.

  • Paid Internship: Then, embark on a 6-12 week paid internship at UNSGND, where your ideas will not only be heard but celebrated.

  • Mentorship & Portfolio Review: Get matched with an industry mentor and receive invaluable feedback on your portfolio.

  • Certification & More: Complete the program with a certificate, a reference letter, and potentially, an opportunity to work on large-profile projects that make your resume stand out.

Ready to launch your career?

Why choose UNSGND?

At UNSGND, we believe in fostering talent and nurturing creativity. With us, you'll gain more than just experience; you'll become part of a community that challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Ready to make your mark? We're ready to help you draw the map.

Elevate Your Career Journey With UNSGND. Apply today and let's create tomorrow together.

Learn more about our org here.

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