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Our Work:
Where Creativity Meets Strategy

Over the past 9 years, UNSGND has delivered thousands of design, branding, and strategy projects across North America, empowering businesses and organizations to harness the power of purposeful design. From redefining innovation for York University's Black Entrepreneurship Alliance to creating impactful brand identities for the City of Toronto, our work embodies a commitment to social change and inclusivity. Explore how we've partnered with corporations, nonprofits, and municipalities to drive brand growth and deliver transformative, purpose-driven design strategies.

Explore our projects in depth below. Want to be our next case study? Get in touch


Re-Presenting Innovation: Redefining and Representing Black Entrepreneurship.

York University, Black Creek Community Health


Illuminating Hope: The City of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy Takes Shape

City of Toronto


Re-Constructing Identity: Empowering Voices through Strategic Branding.

Toronto Community Housing


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Strategic Collaboration

Wilfrid Laurier University


Crafting Community Spirit with Strategic Social Media Engagement

Granville Island Brewery

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