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Case Study

Re-Presenting Innovation: Redefining and Representing Black Entrepreneurship.

York University, Black Creek Community Health

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The Black Entrepreneurship Alliance (BEA) is an accelerator that champions the growth and success of Black entrepreneurs through a well-curated blend of programs, partnerships, and innovative tools. Aiming to develop a brand identity that resonates deeply with its mission, BEA sought to create a distinctive brand presence that stands competitively in the entrepreneurial support landscape.


Developing a robust brand identity that resonates with a diverse demographic—spanning Gen Z to Gen X—and convey the org's foundational values of support, innovation, and empowerment.


Introducing a culturally resonant visual identity, utilizing typefaces by African-American designer Joshua Darden, and implementing a vibrant color palette. Detailed brand guidelines were established to ensure consistent application across all materials. Enhanced digital tools and a strategic social media approach were also employed to boost engagement and community support.


Visual Identity: A new logo was introduced, featuring a stylized 'B' to represent unity and collaboration within the Black entrepreneurial community, connecting the historical wisdom, present efforts, and future potential of its members.   

Purposeful Typography: UNSGND chose typefaces designed by Joshua Darden, an African-American typeface designer, to highlight its dedication to supporting Black creatives. This choice not only enhances the visual appeal but also embeds a deeper cultural significance into the brand’s identity.   

Brand Guidelines: 

Detailed guidelines were established to ensure consistent application across all communication channels, reinforcing the brand's new identity and message.   

Slogan/Tagline Development: "Re-Presenting Innovation" This slogan plays a dual role in BEA's strategy. Both signifying BEA's role in representing the Black community and suggesting a re-presentation, or a fresh portrayal, of what Black entrepreneurship looks like to the world, challenging existing stereotypes.   

Enhanced Digital Presence: A revamped website and strategic social media use were aimed at increasing engagement and providing accessible resources, leveraging designs that resonate with BEA’s target demographics.


Increased Engagement

Enhanced visual identity and culturally resonant typography boosted membership and engagement.

Community Impact

Improved digital tools and content strategies significantly enhanced community support and resource sharing.

Brand Consistency

Rigorous application of brand guidelines ensured consistent and impactful communication, increasing brand recognition and effectiveness.

BEA Final Logo_BEA Logo Main Colour + White on Black
Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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York University, Black Creek Community Health

Re-Presenting Innovation: Redefining and Representing Black Entrepreneurship.

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