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Case Study

Re-Constructing Identity: Empowering Voices through Strategic Branding.

Toronto Community Housing

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Toronto Community Housing (TCH) embarked on a mission to establish the Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black People, an internal organization poised to lead the implementation of the Confronting Anti-Black Racism (CABR) Strategy. The objective was to create a brand identity that resonates with the initiative’s core mission and reflects the voices and viewpoints of Black staff and tenants traditionally underrepresented within the organization.


The challenge was to overhaul the existing TCH brand in a way that would encapsulate the transformative goals of the CABR Strategy. It was crucial that the new brand identity not only aligned with the needs and perspectives of the Black community within TCH but also served as a beacon for change and advocacy.


The chosen logo, “Re-Construct”, was a direct adaptation of the original TCHC logo, symbolizing the organization's commitment to restructuring and inclusivity. This new design represents the full-circle approach taken by TCH to better represent its Black staff and tenants:


Visual Identity: 

The "Re-Construct" logo incorporates elements from the original TCHC logo but is reimagined to include a more inclusive perspective. This design choice reflects the Centre’s mission to integrate traditionally unheard voices into the narrative of the organization. 

Typography and Imagery: Utilizing fonts developed by Black foundries and imagery from Black photographers, the brand materials communicate authenticity and respect for the community’s cultural identity. 

Marketing Materials: At the completion of the branding project, the Centre’s marketing materials were developed and printed through UNSGND subsidiary, ensuring that the launch would have a professional and cohesive aesthetic.


Enhancing Visibility

The "Re-Construct" logo and associated branding efforts significantly increased the visibility of the Centre’s mission and activities.

Promoting Engagement

The thoughtful representation in marketing materials fostered greater engagement from Black staff and tenants, encouraging their participation in CABR strategy initiatives.

Strengthening Community Trust

By reflecting the community's voice in its brand identity, the Centre has strengthened trust and support among its members, paving the way for more effective implementation of the CABR strategy.

BEA Final Logo_BEA Logo Main Colour + White on Black
Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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