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Illuminating Hope: The City of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy Takes Shape

City of Toronto

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The City of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy is an ambitious 20-year initiative aimed at tackling key social issues like housing stability, job quality, and food security through systemic changes and broad community engagement​ (​. The Poverty Reduction Office (PRO), which previously lacked a distinct brand identity, required a fresh visual approach to align with and promote these goals effectively.


The main challenge was developing a brand identity for the PRO that was both engaging and reflective of the office’s serious mission. Feedback indicated that initial design concepts were too vibrant and lacked the necessary gravitas for the issues at hand.


The solution for the PRS Brand Identity and Annual Report project included a strategic session with City staff to align on the project's goals and gain deeper insights. Based on these insights, a comprehensive visual identity was developed, along with a detailed annual report. These elements were designed to enhance readability and accessibility, ultimately improving community engagement and understanding across the city.


Development of a Robust Brand Identity: 

The design team developed a logo symbolizing a rising sun, embodying stability and new beginnings. The color palette featured a mix of vibrant and earthy tones and incorporating the City’s official blue, balancing warmth with the seriousness of the office’s mission.

Annual Report Design: 

A 50-page annual report was crafted, focusing on transparency and detailed reporting of the office’s yearly progress. The report was designed to be visually consistent with the newly established brand identity, ensuring that all communication was cohesive and reinforced the brand’s values.

Strategic Visual Elements:

Icons and typography were carefully selected to enhance readability and accessibility, with the broader goal of making the strategy’s complex information understandable at a glance.


Enhanced Visibility

The new visual identity significantly increased the office’s visibility, helping to communicate its goals more effectively to the public.

Improved Community Engagement

The redesigned brand elements and communications tools led to higher engagement from the community, fostering better understanding and support for the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Streamlined Communications:

The cohesive branding across all platforms ensured consistent and clear communication, making the office's messages more accessible and understandable to diverse audiences.

BEA Final Logo_BEA Logo Main Colour + White on Black
Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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