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Case Study

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Strategic Collaboration

Wilfrid Laurier University

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UNSGND partnered with Wilfred Laurier University's Women Entrepreneurship Center (WEC) to support the growth and success of women-owned businesses in Ontario. This initiative aimed to provide comprehensive brand strategy, identity design, SEO, and web design services to over 30 women entrepreneurs.


The primary challenge was to address the diverse needs of women-owned businesses across various industries, ensuring that the branding and online presence were tailored to enhance their market reach and visibility.


UNSGND delivered a multi-faceted approach that included the development of unique brand identities for each entrepreneur, aligned with their vision and business goals. They implemented strategic SEO enhancements to increase online visibility and drive targeted traffic. Additionally, we designed customized, user-friendly websites that effectively communicated the unique offerings of each business, thereby supporting their individual growth and market presence.


Brand Strategy and Identity: 

Developed unique brand identities that resonated with each entrepreneur's vision and business goals.

SEO Enhancement: 

Implemented SEO strategies to improve online visibility and attract more targeted traffic.

Customized Web Design: 

Designed user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing websites that effectively communicated each business's unique offerings.


Enhanced Digital Footprints

Participating businesses experienced notable improvements in their online presence, attributed to the comprehensive branding, SEO, and web design support.

Increased Website Traffic

Many of the women-owned businesses reported increases in website traffic, suggesting successful SEO implementation and effective web design.

Higher Engagement Rates

The tailored brand strategies and user-friendly web designs led to higher engagement rates, helping these entrepreneurs expand their market reach and impact.

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Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Strategic Collaboration

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