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Case Study

Crafting Community Spirit with Strategic Social Media Engagement

Granville Island Brewery

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Granville Island Brewing, a company celebrated for its unique craft beers and strong community connections, aimed to enhance its consumer engagement through a dynamic social media strategy. The goal was to transcend traditional product promotion by weaving a continuous, resonant brand narrative across daily interactions with their audience.


The brewery encountered the complex challenge of maintaining a vibrant, engaging online presence that captivated a diverse demographic, while seamlessly integrating varied brand activities—from new product launches to community events—into a coherent digital narrative.


The core of Granville Island Brewing’s strategy was a meticulously designed content calendar, flexible yet detailed, underpinning all social media activities. This ensured a consistent flow of varied content aligned with the brand’s broader marketing goals, adaptable to spontaneous events and responsive to real-time audience engagement.


Strategic Content Planning

Development of a comprehensive, agile content calendar.

Content Execution

Combination of scheduled posts and spontaneous interactions tailored to highlight brand milestones.

Visual and Design Innovation

Establishment of a vibrant visual identity through bold colors and dynamic compositions, enhancing the appeal and consistency of every post.


Enhanced Engagement Metrics

Significant increases in likes, shares, and comments across social media platforms.

Cohesive Brand Narrative

Successful maintenance of a consistent brand story, boosting follower growth and overall interaction rates.

High-Impact Product Launches

Elevated engagement on posts related to new product introductions, demonstrating the efficacy of targeted social media tactics.

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Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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