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Website Design

We build websites with one specific goal in mind: Creating a site that works seamlessly with your brand and get's people excited about what you do.

Get your site online in as little as two weeks. 

UNSGND Website Creative 2022-04_edited.png
UNSGND Website Creative 2022-05_edited.png

What we do

We design sites for small businesses on the leading web platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress and Wix. We can also develop web apps and websites from scratch!


Our Process



Through a quick and easy survey, we get to know your wants, needs, must haves and must nots for your site. 



We'll produce an initial working draft of your website on your desired platform. You will be able to review and leave feedback directly on your site. 



We'll work through 2-3 drafts of your site to get to your final product. 



We provide access to tools and resources that will equip you to manage and update your site.

Past Projects

As a new business owner, I didn't have much background in how web design, hosting, and editing worked. The UNSGND team was so helpful in navigating this process. I felt really comfortable and confident throughout the process and LOVED the final product. The best part - I have been making edits myself with no issues...

— Renata Rusiniak, Green Horseshoe Solutions

Ready to build your home on the web?

Start a Project

Ready to build your brand? Fill out this form to get started and an UNSGND team member will reach out within 48hrs. 

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