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Case Study

Crafting Connections: Elevating Brand Presence with Authentic Content.

Creemore Springs Premium Beer

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Creemore Springs is a premium craft beer brand known for its authentic brewing techniques and distinct flavor profile. To strengthen its market presence and connect deeply with its audience, the brand sought to revitalize its digital persona through a comprehensive social media campaign.


Despite its strong market reputation, Creemore Springs faced the challenge of staying relevant and visible in an increasingly competitive craft beer market. The primary challenge was to craft a digital narrative that reflected the brand's authenticity and resonated with a broader audience.


UNSGND's Creative Director Dré played a pivotal role in the Creemore Springs campaign by directing sophisticated photography and videography, crafting a strategic content calendar, and orchestrating collaborations with influencers. His leadership ensured high-quality, authentic content that resonated with the brand’s storytelling ethos. The comprehensive social media strategy he devised emphasized engaging interactions, reinforcing Creemore's values, and broadening its digital presence.


Strategic Planning

Content Calendar: A meticulously planned content calendar ensured the strategic timing of high-quality visual content for maximum impact.

Brand Narrative: The campaign focused on reinforcing Creemore Springs' values through authentic storytelling.

High-Quality Content Creation:

Photography and Videography: Directed sophisticated visual content that resonated with Creemore’s premium and authentic storytelling ethos.

Influencer Collaboration: Managed collaborations with content creators and influencers to produce relatable and genuine content aligned with the brand narrative.

Targeted Social Media Strategy:Designed a targeted social media strategy centered on engaging interactions with the audience to broaden brand visibility.


Heightened Engagement

Achieved a significant increase in audience engagement through high-quality, relatable content.

Enhanced Digital Presence

Cemented Creemore Springs’ position in the competitive craft beer market, widening its digital footprint.

Deeper Consumer Relationships

Fostered deeper consumer relationships through authentic content that underscored Creemore’s distinctive qualities.

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Draft 2 BEA Brand Strategy Presentation April 29, 2022
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